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You may want to contact your insurance company, get all the requirements for oveseas claims and keep the list with you including both overseas and local phone numbers.
Make sure you keep a list of credit card numbers for cancelation purposes in case of loss in your cells. Some credit card companies charge 3% on overseas purchases plus conversion rates. use Amex travelers checks.
Enter all your contact numbers and account numbers in both cells (mobil Phones) including and not limited to Cruise line emergency number, They have a direct contact for emergencies. Place your hotel direct number in your cell and airlines.
You can confirm your flight. make sure you have at least one hour on connections and avoid snowbelt airports in the winter. 24% of all flights in 2007 were late and fly in one day earily. don't fly the day of cruise to port and check with the head purser if your departure flight is before noon on your flight home, they will issue advance disembarkation passes if necessary. Remenber, airlines change boarding gates sometimes while in rout, check ASAP on connections. Go online and print the airport layout.
If you read the Contract online, airline terms and condition. Requirements for check-in. Domestic requirements 30-min advance for check-in and 15-min @ gate, if the flight is oversold, your seat is resold. Most important is the denied boarding, if you comply to check-in.
Continental has a provision for 200% payable upon request at location on current value of leg. meaning you can catch another flight on any airline.
All the compensation disclosures are spelled out. Each airline has there own terms and conditions.
Carrie your luggage onboard ship and off, The porters rip off anything they can reach, there not employed by the cruise lines. use plastic zip ties on all zipper pockets on your luggage, keep plenty on hand. keep small nail clippers with you to gain access.
Look online for large wine marts, pick-up a bottle @ (cruise departure location) (Florida does not sell booze on Sundays until noon).
A 3000 litre bottle of wine, direct your cabin stuwart to deliver the bottle to your table, the cruise line charges a corkage charge. 3000 litres=4-bottles. write the table number and your last name on the bottle.
PS don't take on aircraft, 50 pound limit on luggage and not allowed to carry-on.
Always verify your dining table when you first get on the ship, in (dining room) tip the restruant manager $20, he will tell you the ages of persons and size of table you are assigned, thats the time to make changes. Anytime dining is your best option, the set seating at 6pm and 8pm always have open tables for walk-ins and the $20 tip gives you cart Blance.
Go online and read about Noro virus, washing your hands everytime you use public areas is important. always keep your hand free next to stair rails, to catch youself incase of fall. every cruise ship has at least one accident, especially ladies with long gowns and heels. inother words, keep your drink on the hand oppisite of stair rail.
Get a soda card, Well worth the cost., if your inclined, keep your VODKA or white Rum in a water bottle to mix.
Remember when at Ports, unless your on a tour or specifically doing somthing special, nothing opens untill 9 A.M or 10 A.M. Sleep-in and have a great breakfest.

Good luck
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