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joey burke operates the "june b" named after his mother, and in the same fashion, the charter hire has been syphoned out of the ship, little money has been spent on maintence and now she's operating on borrowed time, with no spare parts, long over due for an enginer overhaul and drydocking, it's only a matter of time before the ship has an accident at sea and the burke's are again responsible for the fate of the seafarers onboard

there is a trail of debt following the ship, joey like his father before him is a master of stringing out the bare essentials or conning his charterer to absorb husbandry expenses in order to keep the ship moving just a little bit longer, he borroed the money to buy it from his mother and to my knowledge had not paid her back

although you can arrrest a foreign ship in us ports for outstanding debts, it's risky, as you will bare the custodianship costs, which at this point, the vessel is in such a state of disrepair, it's worth little more then the scrap value, and costs to keep her crewed, maintained and layberthed until a suitable buyer could be found at auction could quickly exceed her value, joey knows this learning from the lessons of his father, and continues to con local vendors out of repair services that they will never be paid for and have no ability to collect

the ship today runs back and forth from haiti to fernandina beach florida carrying frozen poulty products

there is no way to connect the st.vincent company that onwns the "june b' to windjammer but i though it would provide interesting insight to a legacy of poor ship management left by captain burke, piracy is alive and well in today's world, as seen in recent events off the coast of somalia with the french yacht, or spanish fishing boat this week, the burkes, although not armed with ak-47's, are nothing more then white collar pirates
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