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Default New Windjammer Corporation

Deep throat ...

It sounds as if you have had some personal dealings with Joey Burke lately. It sounds like they didn't turn out so well.

I am curious if you know who Richard York is?

The following people did register Windjammer Cruises Inc, Address 1717 North Bayshore Drive:

Anastasios - Ioannidis P/D
Arth 25
Kastoria, GR, 51200 (Greece)

Richard A. York VP/D
1717 North Bayshore Dr
Miami, FL, 33132

Herbert W Abramson S/D
1717 North Bayshore Dr.
Miami, FL, 33132

Edward E Baez VP/D
1717 North Bayshore Dr.
Miami, FL, 33132

The registered agent for the company is Herbert W Abramson.

Principle Busness Address and Mailing Address:

1717 Bayshore Dr
Miami, FL, 33132
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