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Katakalon, Greece – Apr. 21
Cigarette Buds ONLY!

For those evil people like me, who still smoke, there’s ominous signs on the Jade; talk about small smoking sections- this is the only place on deck we smokers are allowed to get together, and then only as many of our buds as can fit in the can at the same time.

After waking this morning I once again went to have breakfast in Cagney’s, to breakfast with all the rich "suite people". They must be stumped, thinking I’m a real eccentric, as they haven’t seen me at all cruise mingling in the Courtyard.

They likely know by now that I’m a pretender to their “suite world” who just found a Platinum Card necessary to enter their world, lying by the pool. I suspect this to be true, because each time I enter the Cagney Breakfast Room I see them checking their pockets to see if they've lost their cards.

This morning when I went to order breakfast, I found the voice of an 8 year old coming out. I was just thankful he didn’t order Fruit Loops, as I don’t really care for them. Fortunately I’m feeling fine so far, only I have this new identity communicating for me.

I’ve never been one to like the idea of a “class structure” on cruise ships, where certain guests are prohibited from certain areas onboard because of the cabin they’ve booked. Of course, now that I’ve had a taste of the perks involved in being part of the ship’s “upper class” I’m rather fond of the class system, as long as I’m included in the top class. Please, don’t force me to go back to being a cruise peon!

Of course the “top class” is an odd club to join; if they’ll admit me, why would I, or you, want to join?

The beds in the upper suites are different from those I’ve been sleeping in. All suites are furnished with the new “Blissful Collection by NCL”. They’re built by a team of six blissful angels in idyllic comfort in heaven to ensure the guests ultimate comfort. The beds in all other cabins have had a Euro memory foam mattress foam added, and are also extremely comfortable. They’re hand-made just outside the pearly gates by a team of 12 felons seeking redemption.

Seriously (for a moment) the beds are REALLY comfortable, and I love the new pillows and duvets.

Taking into consideration, whatever it is living in my voice box, and the fact I’ll be flying quite a bit in the next several days I made the decision to stay onboard in Katakalon.

Katakalon is located on the Greek mainland. The most popular tour here is a visit to the birthplace of the Olympics. The town of Katakalon is also just a nice town to stroll, and stop at one of a number of sidewalk cafés to people watch.

I took the time onboard to nap and sadly pack my suitcase to prepare for tomorrow’s disembarkation. I first tried to pack all of my belongings in my carry-on, and leave the suitcase empty, and therefore free to travel distant parts of the world without worry. However, I just have too much with me now to fit.

For our final meal onboard we gathered in Cagney’s Steak House to end the cruise with a simply fabulous meal. I returned to the cabin to kiss my suitcase goodbye .. er I mean, to place my luggage in the hallway for pick up.

In the morning we’re off to the Athens airport, and headed to France. This will be my first opportunity to visit a shipyard, and I’ve very excited,
though honestly I could be kept pretty happy by staying on the Jade to go around again.

Keep dropping in here, and we'll ZEE You in France, mes ami (my buds ).
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