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Default Re: paradise beach in cozumel

We just went to Paradise BEach also last week,after trying Chankanaab Park last year and it was the same deal with the rocks. The beach was beautiful, with hammocks, umbrellas, nice lounge chairs, a bar, changing rooms, etc, and it could be the weather with all the seaweed, but trying to get into the water with all the rocks was a chore. My uncle took one step into the surf and couldn't see the rocks on the bottom and fell just a foot from shore on his back and had to crawl out. We saw the same spectacle with others trying to get into the water, tripping and falling, screaming "oohh" and "ouch!". A couple of people sitting near us tried to get in and after a failed attempt and getting hurt, they gave up and sat back on their chairs and ordered a bucket of Corona beer. They actually have a pier that extends about 50 feet out with 2 ladders on the sides just for the purpose I think of getting into the water where it is about 6 feet deep to avoid the rocks at the shore. We also asked a local and he said the best place for a nice beach is the other side of the island where it is nice and sandy with no rocks. Next time we are in Cozumel, we will make it a point of trying the other side!
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