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Default fingerprinting cruise passengers... have you read this?

Let's discuss! Here's the link:

I personally think that people should get fingerprinted when they get their passports. Not just to be able to identify people who should not be in the country, but criminals as well. I wouldn't mind the fingerprinting if it means it's automatically linked to an international database, and that it will keep criminals off the ship that I"m on (at least, known criminals).

I'd be more worried about thieves, rapists, etc. than terrorists boarding my cruise ship.

I know some people think it's an invasion of privacy, however it's a way to track known criminals, and if you are not guilty of anything illegal, you should not have a problem doing it. Eye scans are also a good idea - or even that finger print scanner they have at supermarkets.

Of course, the government will screw it up, like they do everything. But I think I would feel safer travelling.

Your thoughts, everyone?
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