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Sorry but I never saw Kuki mention TexMex did he? I am pretty sure Kuki is saying that the Jades pricing was different than the rest of the NCL ships to start with, which is why it may have initially seemed as though prices were decreasing, but in fact in the big picture when they implement these new prices across the board, it will actually mean pricing increases in several of the restaurants on most of the ships regardless of what they do with TexMex.

I knew they had started increasing prices in some of the restaurants on the Gem, which is why Kuki's post and the prices didn't jibe, especially to say prices went down, perhaps they did only on the Jade, but not on any other ship, given the pricing he posted.

Oh BTW Kuki, I went by your NOLA hotel and checked it out as you requested, It's in a fine area, looks nice. People at the front desk were very friendly. But they wouldn't let me have a room key so I could try out the bed for ya.
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