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Default Paul..I VEHEMENTLY Disagree With Your Latest Article About

the full charter Smooth Jazz Cruises...they are boring, full of fellow passengers that would prefer to just listen to great jazz are forced to interact with the greatest jazz musicians in the can't hang out at the pool without hearing that darn music..the ship forces you to stay up every night until the wee hours listening to great all star jam sessions (an in my case I had the chance of a lifetime to sing with Patti Austin and have Boney James and Brian Culbertson be my back up players) are forced to bond with 2400 jazz lovers and all you do is talk jazz and dance to great music every night and you are forced to pay a premiuim to do this

you would NEVER catch me on any of these full charter smooth jazz cruisers and how dare you spread the best kept secret about cruising if you love music
other then that it was a great article ..for balance you should also indicate that there are several other jazz cruiser promoters but LLC is the leader

thanks for outing my passion...I'll have to speak to your Boss Kuki about assigning you to go on a cruise to Goose Bay Labador
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