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Default Re: NZ to Miami

Originally Posted by sdshop
we've never been on a cruise, but are planning on being in OZ sometime between Dec 08 and March 09.
We'd really appreciate suggestions from "old-timers" on just about everything!
Ideally, we'd like to fly to Cairns, visit the Reef, visit Ayers Rock, visit Sydney & Melbourne, then fly to NZ to see old friends and take a cruise back from NZ to Miami Alternatively, we could do it in reverse -- fly to NZ, then to OZ and cruise back from Queensland.
I realize this is more than a "mouthful" but any help to "cruise virgins" would be greatly appreciated!
Having never been on a cruise (much like myself) wouldn't it be wise to take a short cruise to see if you actually like it as NZ to LA is a long cruise if you find you don't like it?

The Sapphire princess has just left NZ for LA. (next stop Suva Fiji)
This is the last cruise to leave this area.
To get to Miami you would have to have to catch a repo cruise from LA.

Good luck.
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