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Originally Posted by Moriah
I just read this question and all of the responses and I just don't get it! Are you saying that you want to end your cruise in Seattle rather than Van Couver and you think they won't let you off in Seattle? Is Seattle a port with a stop? If it is.. what is the problem? On my recent cruise to the Carribean, someone decided to go home early and got off in Grand Turk even though our final destination was Fort Lauderdale. She just packed up and told them she was leaving. I don't think there were "repercussions". What am I not understanding here? Ships can't keep you captive! However, I would not "miss the boat on purpose"! Why have people wondering what happened to you? What about your luggage? Don't you think someone will think it's strange that you are getting off to tour Seattle with your suitcase? Why not just leave and be open about it, though? Again, maybe I'm being naive and there is something I don't understand? I'm really curious...
The problem is that the OP wanted to go from one US port, San Diego, not stop in a "foreign" port, like Vancouver, Canada and get off in Seattle, a US port. This is in violation of the Passenger Services Act Act.

The person on your cruise got off in Grand Turk which is a British Overseas Territory, therefore a "foreign" port & therefore allowed.
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