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Default QM2 is a dream come true!

What a time I had last October on the QM2!!! My first "cruise" ever. And I went alone. Even though getting to JFK from Portland Maine was a NIGHTMARE ( flight was cancelled, then new flight was delayed and it was POURING) and I ALMOST missed the ship>>>>>boarded at 5:45 and it was supposed to leave at 5:00, I had a DREAMY 6 days. It started the moment I got to my cabin. It was bigger than I had thought it would be. (B1 balcony, Deck 6)
All the goodies I ordered were neatly arranged for me to go through. I ran up on deck to see the Lady with the Lamp and got my champagne. Going under the Veranzzano Narrows Bridge's.....I can't find the words to explain the thrill. I swear we scraped it. Then on to the Brittania for dinner. I got to my table of 6 (late seating) I found we were all solo travelers! I was seated with 3 women, 2 from the UK and one from Canada. Then, a nice looking British gentleman sat at our table and, well, he was brilliant! Very handsome, funny, a bit TOO talkative, but very very charming. The plus side, he and I were the only ones under 70!
The service, the food, the view, the ship, the pools, the spa, the pub, the people, the balls, the wine, the champagne, my room steward, the pursers, the planetarium, oh my gosh, well EVERYTHING was fantastic! And by the last few nights, my dinner companions were down to 2, the British Gent and the Scottish lass. We did much together, and I found myself not wanting to leave. We all exchanged our contact information with promises to keep in touch.

After disembarking, I recieved a call from the gent.....we talked for a while. And we stayed in touch. I went to the UK to see him a few times, met his family and went to a works bash with him. On his parents 51st anniversary, he got down on one knee and proposed.

The most shocking thing is I accepted. Neither of us had wanted to get married....and now we are tying the knot in July. I am moving to England and taking the QM2.

I think there is something in the water on the QM2! We couldn't be happier!

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