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Originally Posted by Moriah

I am the moderator of a very active forum on another topic, and I know that there is NO reason, EVER to be nasty or insulting to a poster. I confess, I don't get it (the OP's question) either, but why oh why is it necessary to attack them? This just completely floors me! If you don't have something nice to say, why not just say nothing? This is one time our mothers were right! I know I don't enjoy coming to any forum where I have to worry whether people are going to be snapping and sniping at one another.

I'm sure you will enjoy yourself more as well, if you take an attitude that everyone is doing their best and mean well with ALL of their questions and answers. It seems to me you had something helpful to offer (your comment #5). Why oh WHY did you find it necessary to couch it in offensive remarks?


As a moderator you should now that typing in caps is "yelling". Please don't yell!

I'm sorry but I don't see where JenC was being nasty or insulting to the OP.
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