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Originally Posted by You
Wow! I am going through cruise withdrawls right about now and can't wait for our cruise in October. Any suggestions out there as far as what to do, likes and dislikes about Acapulco, Zihuatanejo and Manzanillo???
Okay, here goes.

>> In Acapulco, stick with the ship's excursions. The there are two complementary tours of the city highlights -- one that visits the Acapulco Fairmont Princess and sees the cliff divers and another that visits a hotel connected with John Wayne and the fort, and both are excellent.

>> In Zihuatenejo, you might want to book a short excursion just to get priority for the tender going ashore. Once ashore (or at the end of your excursion), go to the end of the tender pier, turn right, and go one block along the waterfront, and you'll be right in the heart of the downtown district where the locals do their shopping. Continuing along the waterfront to the beach, you'll see the fishermen stowing their gear and preparing to take their catch (or whatever of their catch they don't sell right at the beach) to the market if you get there around mid-morning. The town is a great place to hang out and perhaps to pick up a few souvenirs. All of the restaurants along the waterfront are safe, and several will prepare your catch if you go fishing.

>> Manzanillo is a commercial port where cruise ships call relatively infrequently, so it does not have many attractions. Your best option probably is a shore excursion that spends the day at an all-inclusive resort.

Have a great cruise!

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