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Originally Posted by David West
Originally Posted by MTSFP
Kuki -

Pleased to hear that you are having a good time thus far.

I am curious about your cabin and the differences from the normal cabin. We are booked in 6487 on our Liberty cruise next month, so I suspect the cabin will be very similar. We are going to be three in the cabin for a week. Hopefully, it won't be too tight.

Anyway, enjoy the TA - it was a good time coming in the other direction.

I'm booked in 6489 for our August cruise. Right next door to you.

Happy Cruising to all ;
My son is in 6489 this cruise. I'll have to go take a peek to see if his cabin closet layout is the same as ours.
I'll try to post a couple of pictures that better illustrate what I was trying to explain.
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