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Originally Posted by Sherrie Platt
Well, they are Suggestions, after all. Do with it what you want.
Very true Sherri and I agree with most of your suggestions, but for first time cruisers, the OP would need to switch their suitcases for old fashioned steamer trunks to fit everyone's suggestions. Goodness gracious--laundry baskets, electric fan??? We are generally in an inside room and have never felt the need of a fan.....and I'm a woman past 50 . I guess a laundry basket might be handy if you're on a ship with self-serve laundromats but we don't plan to do laundry on a week's vacation!

Anyway, pack the necessities, put a big smile on your face, plan to have a wonderful time. If you forgot something or think you might have liked an item, jot it down for next time (Oh, there will be a next time ) Also, room stewards are very good at procuring small items you may have forgotten. Chances are very good that you'll overpack........we all do.
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