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TO Gal25,

That was great information. I love jewelry. I spoke to pmcmarine yesterday. They were so nice!!!! I asked if they also hired the casino staff, which they don't, but they advised me for those jobs with the individual cruiselines. Which is where I found a casino job posted. I'm still torn with which to purse but I guess I can apply for both and see where I get hired. I'm leaning towards casino because I do it now and it's a lot of fun! What kind of jewelry was it. Costume? or Precious stones?

I had a friend who worked for Princess in the spa and loved it! He wants to go back as an entertainer. Are you going to go on another contract?

If you're still in Toronto I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather that we're finally getting.

Thanks for your support by taking the time to reply and share your info.

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