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I find it interesting that only one person noticed that this only applied to "foreign" travelers. It is already in place for citizens of many countries. At this time Canada is exempt.

I have an issue with being fingerprinted under the guise of security. Each time I see another small measure of my freedom being taken away I cringe.

Yes, being fingerprinted when you have a passport and identification is taking away some of your freedom and gives the government a bit more power over you. Sorry, but I don't always believe the government is acting or will act in the people's best interest.

If you are fingerprinted for your job, I have been, it is by your choice to take that job or not. If you are fingerprinted by your own home government not for a crime, but for coming home, then you have lost some freedom.

Giving up freedoms for security has significantly contributed to the fall of some major societies. Germany, Roman Empire. It wasn't terrorism that did them in.

I'm just waiting for the day when I travel across the state line and an official asks: "Can I see your travel papers."

I also believe that believing that someone who doesn't want to be fingerprinted has something to hide is a bit naive.

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