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May3- Crossing the Atlantic – Freedom
Other than some total moron of a passenger slugging a Purser, it was another routine day at sea onboard the Freedom.
The attack on the Purser actually occurred yesterday. I didn’t witness the attack, nor did I hear the reporting of it, but apparently Todd spoke about it this morning during the Morning Show broadcast. I am going to try and follow up as soon as I can to see if I can get a few more details, and confirmation that it actually happened.
When I heard about it I was of course aghast. No matter what the issue was, I certainly do hope the person involved was placed into custody, and held, and at the very least they should be put off the ship in the first port of call. Last night in the theater two old men wanted to get in a fist fight over god only knows what. One of our cruisemates was there to break it up, before it went too far.
I’ve always thought most cruisers were the nicest people in the world, and that’s part of the charm in cruising to me; meeting so many people and making great friends on cruises. That philosophy has proven true during all of my previous cruise experiences. But this cruise has an element to it, where you can find the rudest and most thoughtless people, constantly complaining, at almost any turn. It’s very odd, because I’ve found the crew onboard to be nothing but friendly and helpful. Amazingly so, considering the verbal, and now physical abuse they’ve been putting up with.
This afternoon we held our CruiseMates cocktail party, and I am VERY HAPPY to report, it’s a wonderful group of people, who are just too busy enjoying the cruise, and having fun, to be rude to anyone. Yes, there were some negative comments about the food the first few days, but everyone I spoke to at cocktails tonight said they were having a GREAT cruise. And it is an excellent cruise! We’ve been blessed with wonderful balmy weather, and smooth seas, and excellent evening entertainment. I am bewildered by what more people expect or want. I’m also bewildered because at least “ballpark”, I know how little the people onboard paid for this 14 day cruise.
No doubt the vast majority of people on the ship are enjoying every minute of it. But of course the PITAs stand out from the crowd.
We’re heading to dinner shortly, but I thought a partial’s day report was warranted because of this incident. I’ll continue the story tonight when I return to my cabin, and post pictures as well.
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