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Due to the unexpected incident in the dining room, and all the great material it provided me , I haven't yet been able to follow up on the prior incident for more information.

I did get a bit of an opportunity to talk to Maitre d' Dino about the new menus, and he did admit to some problems the first couple of nights. He did say that it takes a bit of time adjusting to any new menus, but he feels they are "under control" now.

I had another very good dinner. Our wait staff is very nice, and very friendly, and fun. They've taken note that we're the friendly sort, and joking with us, and enjoying our company more, as we are theirs.

No doubt I'm feeling very bad for the staff for the way some of the passengers onboard are treating them. Sometimes people simply make you shake your head and go MMMMMMMM??????

I used to play quite a bit bridge, but I SWEAR if that's what the game can do to your mind, I'll never play again!!
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