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Default Re: Mike M. Travel Insurance - Primary Coverage?

Originally Posted by beenie weenie
I am a little overwhelmed. I am trying to fins travel insurance that offers primary coverage as opposed to secondary for our Transatlantic cruise combined with a week in England, Italy and Spain and points in between, including air from Chicago to London. Can you offer a couple of recommendations? I am so tired of wading through miles of fine print just to find out it is secondary coverage. As always your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Go to and check out some of the offerings. When the Compare screen comes up it will have different colors in each of the coverage boxes. These colors indicate if the different areas of coverage are primary or secondary. The legend is on the far right of the page.

Not all parts of the policies are primary but many have the most expensive covered. Few offer primary medical but others will front the money for treatment.

An example of a coverage that is Primary coverage on the most expensive parts of the policy is: Access America and Travel Insured.

I am off now on my cruise so I won't be able to follow up.

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