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Default Ron n Jon

I hope you enjoyed your itinerary despite your other displeasures.

This is disappointing news, as we are sailing on the Grand in February.

Unfortunately, the "bottom line" is the main concern of any large corporation. You know what always flows downhill.... which affects the employees, service, and costs passed on to the paying customer.

From what I've read about other lines, they are all following suit in one form or another with the "nickel and dime" approach to boost revenue.

I agree that this trend may reveal their loss of customers who cruise multiple times a year.

(A bit off-topic, but I think cruise lines should do more for repeat customers in the way of reduced cruise fares, rather than some of the perks they offer. For example, I would rather have an on-board credit that I could spend any way I wished on the ship, rather than have a credit toward internet access. I want to get away from phones & internet while I'm on vacation.)

Can you be more specific in other negatives you noticed with the ship?

I'm hoping you have a list of positives, too.
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