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Originally Posted by erikhag
I just can´t see why the waiters shall sing or dance at all, in my opinion their job is to serve food!

I think that it´s good that people are different and I have no problem with that some people like when the waiters sing and dance so for me it´s okej that they do that on Carnival cruises, as long as I can choose a cruiseline were I don´t have to see/hear it!
Yup.. and that's why I do believe these Virtual Cruise Reports are valuable. It offers a source of information, and assists people in choosing cruise lines that are right for them... who's strengths most match what they're looking for in a cruise.

There's obviously some people on this ship who would have been much happier if they'd researched the cruise before purchasing it. And there's hopefully others who will research come across the reports, and say... that cruise sounds like it's for me!
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