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Thanks for the info. My sil has a Nikon - that she bought last year. I liked hers, it worked really well and she took some wonderful motion pictures that come out so clear and it too has the rapid succession picture enablement. I used to have (well still do, just need to get it fixed) Nikon slr - w/ two lenses. I really liked it and it took some great pix - so I am used to switching. Of course I will always carry my exlim for those unexpected pix you may want to take, but I'd like to take some good pictures at other times and my little one just doesn't cut it.
I know the local library is going to offer a Digital Photography class this summer - I hope the dates and times will fit into my schedule as I really would love to take this class. Who knows I may just purchase what ever camera they are using since I will already have a jump on it.

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