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Part 2 – May 8 at sea – Freedom
With today being our last sea day, and a full day port of call in Livorno, Italy – for Florence, most everyone was packing today. No doubt everyone on the ship is doing a tour tomorrow, either to Florence or Tuscany, or somewhere, and we’ll all get back to the ship tired and hungry. Therefore packing today is a pretty wise.

The self-serve launderettes onboard were busy all day as well.

At 4:30 this afternoon we had our final CruiseMates get together. I read out the answers to the dinner team trivia sheets we’d given everyone, and the winners got prizes. We’d also set up a couple of teams for a scavenger hunt, and they brought the items they collected. Considering I only gave them hints on what the items were they did a pretty good job of reading my mind, and bringing back the right things.

I have to thank the ship’s Group Services Coordinator, Tracy Brown, for reserving the lounges we requested for our several CruiseMates get-togethers, as well as helping coordinate the luggage tags for those in the group who are taking advantage of the optional inexpensive transfers to Rome post-cruise, which we had arranged through Port Promotions.

I was really upset today when I learned that last night I had missed the menu featuring veal parmegana. It’s one of my favorite Carnival dishes, and even though I enjoyed a superb filet mignon, I’m sorry I missed the parmagana. Maybe I can get an authentic version at lunch tomorrow in Florence to make up for it.

After the CM meeting today, I was enjoying the warmest part of the day sitting out on our aft balcony. At 7:15 PM I felt a sprinkle, and quickly jumped inside the cabin. Sure enough they were hosing down Deck 10 above us AGAIN! I called the Guest Relations desk once AGAIN, as did our neighbors. They’ve been informed of the problem several times, and obviously have taken no action to remedy it. If it were more serious, I’d have gone to speak to the Hotel Director about it already, but it’s been more of an inconvenience than a serious problem. Frankly though the fact they’ve consistently ignored the complaints is rather annoying.

As I was watching the flood on the balcony dry, I heard a call over the PA for “Zero Team to the Posh Dining Room Aft” repeated several times. Either “Jack the Butter-knife” had gone to early dinner seating to assault somebody or someone had taken ill.

Seriously, and unfortunately it was the latter. A passenger experiencing chest pain, and the call was for the medical team, but the “title” of the call indicated the seriousness of the situation. I hope that the passenger is alright. At least if he is need of further medical assistance than the ship can supply, we are in port in Italy in the morning.

A bit about our service team tonight; Ioan (pronounced Yuhn), from Romania is our Sr. waiter. Gusti, from Indonesia is his/our assistant waiter. Both are very nice young men and eager to try to please. They’ve been working as a team for only 3 cruises, when Ioan joined the Freedom. When Ioan speaks his voice reminds me of Latke, from the television show Taxi… for those who might remember; particularly true when he says “Who’s Your Daddy”, which he does occasionally. Lol I’ve enjoyed our 13 nights with them, and would be happy to sail with them again.
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