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Originally Posted by Elaine515
Kuki, as usual your writing is amazing... You have made me laugh and you have to make me cry....

When you posted about your son, him being away at College etc etc tears just came to my eyes...

How scary it is that our kids have to grow up so quickly. My big one had her last day of HS yesterday and the same day we signed up my little one for her entering HS classes!!!

Mrs Kuki looks absoltely wonderful... You must have purchased her some nice jewelry this trip!!!

Enjoy your last days onboard and keep posting... Oh, and by the way, are your son & his girlfriend the youngest ones on the ship? Is this their first cruise? Are they having a good time? When are they actually getting married? Mazel Tov to them and to you and Mrs Kuki...

Would love to hear their version of this cruise....
Hey Elaine,
Thanks for the kind words. Glad you are enjoying the cruise with us. Kuki Jr. has cruised with us, perhaps 8 or 9 times. This was Shira's very first cruise.
Even though for sure they are amongst the few youngest, next to infants, they are having a fabulous time! They both worked hard this year, and graduated, ready to start their new careers. And they both have jobs waiting for them when they get back. This was my gradutation gift to them, then after the cruise they are off to Turkey for two weeks. Then it's home to start work, and time to get off the parental payroll
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