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Default Re: concierge class stateroom


Originally Posted by You
hello, can someone tell me about the concierge class staterooms. are these rooms with a balcony?
The cabins designated as "concierge class" are the cabins that originally were the highest category of balcony cabins. They now have many of the amenities previously provided only in suites, such as fancier bathrobes and soap wrappers that say "Concierge Class" (it appears to be the same soap inside the wrapper...), for a higher fare.

Originally Posted by You
are they worth the x-tra money?
Perhaps if you are taking a cruise for a honeymoon and can't afford a suite, but it seems dubious even in that situation. There's always the the ad that appeared in quite a few newspapers promising to send the key to success to anybody who would pay ten dollars. Those who submitted a Hamilton received a fishhook attached to a piece of cardboard bearing the words, "Fish for Suckers." Celebrity does it well most of the time.


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