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Morning All, from Montreal, where it's sunny and cool, and I'm hoping it will warm up a bit!

Had a nice day yesterday. My sister and I drove to the cemetary, then stopped for lunch on the way back at an outoor terasse, it was so nice and warm out!

We had some interesting company on the way there and back; my cousin, who is cleaning out her dad's house in preparation for sale, found an old cassette tape recorded at a house party, some 30-40 years ago, and she had sent it to me.

On this tape, my entire (deceased) family can be heard talking. Mother, father, grandmother, great-aunts, aunts, uncles, cousins, and throughout the whole party, my father is playing merrily away on the organ, any song that pops into his head. He was always the entertainment at any family gathering, and everyone loved to hear him play.

So as we were driving to visit our parents' grave yesterday, my sister and I listened to this tape. We were in their company in a strange and unexpected way. What incredible memories that tape brought back!

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