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Good Morning All,

Well I am exhausted, but another Mother's Day Extravaganza has been had and everyone went away stuffed and happy. My menu yesteday was

(There will be lots of spelling mistakes, I am in a brain fog today)

Appetizers: Pineapple/Chipolte Salsa (storebought) and chips
A Peppered Cheese Spread and Cracker (store)
A Homemade Mediterrenaen Dip - Veggies
Keilbasa - in a mixture of chili sauce, orange-cranberry sauce
and plum sauce - it was quite tasty.

Champagne Punch - champagne, pineapple juice, raspberry sherbert and i froze marashino cherries covered w/ orange juice in the ice cube trays - it was very cute. Floating around.

Salad - Apple, Grape and Celery Salad with glazed almonds on Boston Lettuce leaves with a pomagranite vinagerette

Soup - fresh asparagus soup- I made it Saturday and reheated so the flavors could marry. I made homemade Cheese Straws to serve with this.

Main Course: Baked Stuffed Chicken Breasts (rosemary ham/mozzerella)
I brushed them w/ olive oil and had a thick slice of orange atop each.
I made an Orange Beurre Sauce (with white wine, oj, heavy cream and butter) to pour over

Sesame Green Beans

Wine Poached Beets

Bread from the store bakery

Cucumber/Lemon Water
Blackberry Iced Tea

Dessert: Lemon-Ginger Bundt Cake with a Pineapple glaze
Raspberry Chocolate Chip Cookie tart

I set the table with a French Blue table cloth and had my white china that had a pink, yellow and green floral border and used mostly cut glass serving pieces. Each place setting had a cello bag with little flowers printed on it tied with a bright green ribbon. Inside I placed Jordan Almonds, Chocolates wrapped in foil with pansies on them and chocolate dipped oreos - these were to bring home.

I gave all the moms a beautiful heather plant - that had hand cream attached. To my mom and my mil I also gave a dvd set of Christy.

I had a door prize game. Since there were ten of us I got ten prizes. I only shopped the front of the grocery store - which was a fun challenge in itself. I got prizes that graduated in value - lowest value was a bag little bag of peanut MM's raising in value to a $25 Visa Card. It was a Hoot when my bil won the vibrant pink flower garden stake - he tried to trade, but no one would.

Lots of gifts were passed around and my mom and sister brought all my birthday gifts since we didn't get together last week.

It was a long day. Then my neice came back last night to watch the Survivor finale.

I have lots of picking up to do today - putting away dishes and such.
I have done my 3.7 mile walk, so now I am ready for a nap!

Doug - loved the picture - sorry that you are back to reality
RD - sounds like you and your sister had a nice day -
Delft - your son sounds like a wonderful boy. Your poor poochie! Hope she tests ok.

I really missed my kids yesterday. This morning my son left for Cuba - so I am feeling a bit down. I hope his trip goes well. I know it will change his life!

Have a good day all,
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