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Hello Cyn,

Have now booked my next trip on QM2 -and was wondering did you manage to get on the Captains table for dinner during your last trip?
I seem to remember reading that your Ron was hoping to pull a few strings through a contact. Is it an honour to be invited ?, my wife Rene says she would rather have a large vodka and orange and a cadburys cream egg.

Rene, would like to know what you would recommend her to wear on the formal nights - she usually wears gowns but has she has rather short legs she is always tripping over the hem she would prefer to wear her diamonte trouser suit with matching beret and ostrich feather boa ( I think she looks stunning in this outfit ) would this be OK - there seems to be a general lack of information on dress requirements whilst on board sp any information would be appreciated.

Happy sailing

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