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Originally Posted by misguidedangel
I will explain how it works for you. If you book an excursion from the website before your cruise the charge will be on your credit card right away. It will appear as a credit on your S&S account when you check it on board the ship. The reason to book an excursion ahead of time is that it could be completely booked by the time you get on the ship, thus, booking early means you get a spot!
I already know that it will be charged right away, that's why I'm booking online. I didn't know it would show up on my S&S as credit... I guess that's so they can keep track of excursions etc.... thanks for the heads up on that one. I would have been wondering what the heck is this on my bill??
And as far as booking early, I've already missed one of my excursions that I wanted... I thought we had time, because we don't sail unil sept. I called the excursion desk at carnival and they assured me it would be availble when I board the ship. I hope they are right, I really wanted the Pirate Party boat in Pureta Vallerta.....
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