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Default Re: Is Hawaii Cruise suitable for kids ages 6 and 8?


Originally Posted by You
I am wondering if taking kids on a long trip to Hawaii is suitable for kids ages 6 and 8? This would be our first cruise. I am not sure where to start but this would help.
A cruise to Hawai'i with your children should be great -- and unlike the other responder, I do NOT recommend the NCL America seven night cruise around the islands.

>> On the days at sea, all of the major cruise lines have extensive programs for children (ages 3-7) and youth (ages 8-12) orchestrated by professional counsellors. The worst challenge that you may face during the cruise may well be tearing your children away from these programs when it's time to get ready for dinner or whatever. Your children also are old enough to attend the evening shows, which are very family friendly on the major cruise lines.

>> All of the Hawai'ian ports of call have great activities for children, ranging from boat tours to a visit to a live volcano (yes, it's safe!) from Hilo.

By way of preparation, it might be good to take your children to out for a few dinners at nice restaurants just so they get the hang of putting their napkins on their laps when they sit down at the table, using utinsils from the outside in, using the bread and butter plates to their left, etc.

And to anticipate a very common question, the evening dress code for children is exactly the same as for adults.

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