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Default Re: Juneau Float Trip

Originally Posted by dmaikui
I guess my question should have been, does the plane rock and roll more in the rain? I am a little apprehensive about flying, but it is my 50th birthday and I want to get a little crazy and have fun! I don't mind the rain in general and have been to Alaska several times (I LOVE IT!), but the flying thing gets me thinking.

Ah ha! That's an entirely different question, but the answer is still: "go for it!" No... a DeHaviland Beaver or Otter flies exactly the same in the rain as it does in the sun. Turbulence is NOT normal on these relatively low altitude flights... My wife is terribly afraid of flying in small planes, but as it's a way of life here, she's getting used to the idea.

I don't have any specific numbers to back this up, but based on my 30+ years of flying around up here, I'd say you've got more risk on the jet flight to get to embarkation than you do flying the big float plane to get to the lodge...

Have fun and enjoy!

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