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Default It's all about profit$$$

I started sailing Celebrity when they only had three ships, all under 50,000 GRT.
The service and food was superior and the soda's, specalty coffee's were inclusive.

Remember, these cruise lines are structored to cater to the masses.
The ships are larger and the perdium cost are consistant to the economic
Example: The cruise lines are setting PERDIUM around $140 per person based on double occupancy for European cruises for a inside cabin, the same ship will have set base perdium around $100 per person in the Caribbean.
The point being, Operational cost are secured through contracts with venders. All food/supplies involved in the operations are calculated and the labor cost is now secured with the implament of hotel charges on the ship board accounts.
Exception to the rule. Alaska. Being the season is between May through September, The cruise lines can extract a increased perdium. Reason. Alaska requires the Cruise companies permits for entry, they are limited.
It's the supply in demand.
I don't know if you remember, but a few years back, a class action suit was filed against A-CRUISE line for using the funds collected for PORT FEES and GOVERNMENT taxes. The Class action suit set new standards and changed rules and regulations on everything from Passenger contracts to Supplemental surcharges.
Fact, Check your passenger contract: You may find that your agreement includes where and how you can file a suit against a cruise line.
You will find that the Cruise line reserves the right to cancel your reservation if you make changes/corrections on your own name on a passenger boarding pass. They MAY charge at there discreation for a new booking at prevailing charges for a cabin.

I am sure that the new fuel surcharges also will allow for increased FOOD cost, Being they have been increased twice sence 2007 on most major cruise lines.
Point being a ship with 2,500 passengers paying $7 per day for 7-days equates to $122,500.00 dollars for fuel surcharges.
a 7-day cruise at 24 hours per day is 168 hours the motors are in operation.
168 hours devided into $122,500.00 = $1,371 per hour for fuel consumption.
Modern electronics on the ships monitor fuel consumption and identify range and speed usage per gallon.
I would imagine that the cruise lines will soon if not already use supplied power/water from the ports of call and tie the cost into the ports fees (possible Increase) and still keep the fuel surcharges at elevated rates.
This would allow the major Corporation to comply with the Government requirements for additional taxes and fees that are taxed to the consumer.

I am sure towels will soon be checked out/in at the pool and the cabins will have inventory control. They will just add the charges to your ship board credit if they are not accounted for.

If your a first time cruiser on Princess, I can get you a $25 per person discount on your FIRST PRINCESS CRUISE.
Just e-mail me your full legal name and e-mail address, I will complete the referral form online with Princess and they will send you a form online to complete to receive discount ID and Captains Circle number for you to use with any travel agent.
This process must be completed befor booking to obtain the discount, you must be my friend or a family member to qualify and over 18. Max is $50 per cabin.

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Thanks and good sailing
Danny Boy
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