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It sure is quiet around here!!!
With not to many of us in the Last Group posting today,
we will never make it there.
Maybe TM can get on here too and help out!!!

I'll go ahead and ask the group, while I am in Cozumel,
what do you think would be a good shore excursion?
I love everything, but DH is afraid of heights. He can
so a little but to go to the top of a lighthouse no! But he
loves lighthouses. Any ideas, anything FUN FUN FUN that
you would not miss if you went there again?

I also think if I keep writing a whole lot, we just may
get there quicker. Do you think???????????????

Bahama, glad you are having good weather, we are supposed
start raining anytime now and not stop until sometime

Croozin, where have you been????

Rans, you sure have put your best foot forward for this.

I have one hour left of work and hope it goes by fast.

Well, here is a drink list for all the Tequila drinks we may want
to order tonight. The tequila sunrise is such a pretty drink when
made right.


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