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Originally Posted by sweety51pie
I have sailed with Princess several times in the past and this was the best cruise for me yet.
The simplification of your statement clearly indicates that you did not deal with the Purser's desk in matter of currency, postage or information for all were none existent when needed and dealt with in total indifference.

Did you happen to attempt to contact "Advanced Cruise Sales"? If you were like so many others, the two or three day excursion to do so was met with rude and indifferent behaviour.

Did you enjoy the "Russian" evening in the dinning room? Even the Bolshevicks could have come up with something better that THAT.

Did you encounter the Maitre d' at any time during your cruise? Of course not, so few of us were able to deal with any dinning discrepancies.

Was the total lack of Internet service not part of your enjoyment? Did you not lose track of the world about you due to no television broadcast for days on end?

When watching a movie, did not the fact that the last fifteen minutes of which being totally deleted not upset you at all?

Are you sure you were on this ship?
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