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The best way to get a solo cruise is still Carnival. However, recently I have found that Carnival is not selling as many Cat 1A as they used to. There are approximately 10 cabins on each Carnival ship that is labeled as a Cat 1A. This is generally because the shape or configuration of the cabin makes it impossible to have two twin bed (or a queen) on the floor. These cabins are the ones that go to solos for 150% of the double occupancy price. Prior to this hike in fuel and food cost, Carnival would sell many more Cat 1A guarantee cabins then there were actual Cat 1A on each ship. Booking a Cat 1A guarantee allows the ship to move these passengers around, filling Cat 4 cabins with these 1A guarantee passengers while upgrading higher rate passengers. Kind of like an escalator.

Again, I say this was prior to this vacation season. I now have noticed that on many cruises on Carnival, it is not unusual to find that the lowest category available is now Cat 4A. These cabins go for 200% of the double occupancy price which is significant more than a Cat 1A pricing which may in the end put you in the same exact cabin. I think now they are basically just making the 10 or so Cat 1A cabins available at the 150% price. Once those are gone, then they sell Cat 4 cabins.

Also, Carnival use to start to lower the price of this lower priced cabins right after the final payment date has pass. This season I find they are not doing this much either. The prices do go down. However, not nearly as much as I have seen in the past.

All in all, the best way to get the best price for a solo cabin is to book well in advance, at least 6-9 months while these Cat. 1A cabins are available.

Good luck.
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