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Two come to mind - we rented a tux for my DH and when he tried it on, it was 14 sizes too big. no time to fix it, so I pinned up the back of it with some safety pins and off we went to meet the captain. Just before shaking his hand, Chris realized his shoe was untied and bent down to tie it - yup, all the pins let go. We have a great shot of us nad the captain and no one know I'm holding up Chris's pants.

About ten years later, we were cruising down the Yangtze and we were going to hit the first set of locks at about ten that night, so Chris went out onto our balcony to watch the ship manuever through. We had forward suites, which had a private entrance from the ship. What no one knew was that the crew locked those doors at night. Come about midnight, Chris suddenly realized he was locked out on the balcony. thankfully the captain understood sign language and sent someone to let him back in.

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