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Default Re: Carnival sea miles credit card

They just switched to this card in December/January from a Capital One card that gave points. I didn't switch with them because in checking into it you had to have 50,000 points (1 point per $ spent) to get $500 off a Carnival cruise and they wanted you to book it using their price system. On the last card - Capital One - it was 22,000 points (at $1 per point) which was a lot more reasonable to me and you could book with anyone for any price and use the discount. I switched to the NCL card MBNA has instead. I've had and have used points with Carnival's different cards for 6 years and have enjoyed the money off and the cruises but 50,000 is a lot. RCL and Celebrity are the same 50,000 too so it is not unreasonable just not a great deal. I go for money off since the cruises are the prices they are lately it works out better than the upgrades. If I'm wrong on the amount of points - please tell me. The points and money off work great just seem to high for me.. Debbie
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