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Cruiser 123, Sorry It took so long getting back to you. Busy weekend. People we met on the Aug. cruise came to visit for the second time. Planning a future vacation together.

As far as tours go, all were Carnival tours and were excellent. We would not hesitate to book with them again. Granted we might have been able to book privately and save a few bucks, but these were hassle free, which is the way we like it.

1. We stayed in Rome 3 days prior to cruise. Hotel Visconti Palace through Carnival. Would do it over again. While at the hotel, we booked the Rome by night tour. Well worth it. Great outdoor restaurant with live music going from table to table. lots of singing, a comedy skit, Fun, Fun Fun. In Rome we took a cab from the hotel to the colisium. We walked most of the time. If it was late and a long walk back to the hotel, we took a cab. It's worth it and not expensive at all. Because nothing is that far away. To each his own. If you can swing it, do 3 days in Rome before or after. You won't regret it. A little tip. If you can, get yourself a Capitol Credit Card. All other cards charge a 3% fee.

2. First stop Naples. We took the Pompei, Sorrento, Capri. Lunch in Sorrento was great as well as the sight seeing. *****

3. Best of Dubrovnick tour. Went up into the mountains for wine & snack. If you take this tour, after the snack, look for a small trail to your right & above. No signs but we had plenty of time before bus left so we decided to see where it went. Go to the end. All I can say is, don't miss it. We then stopped at a resort town, the name escapes me which was beautiful, and then down to Dubrovnick. We had a great lunch off the main street of town ,up high narrow steps there are loads of outside restaurants. Fantastic. This was an excellent tour.

4. Venice. What can I say. This was on or own. The only thing we did from the ship was a bus ride into town. $5.00. Well worth it.

4. Messina. Taormina & Mt. Etna tour. In Taormina, the best cannolis ever. To die for. Like no other. Mt. Etna, climb up or down, whatever floats your boat. Excellent tour.

5. Barcelona. Wine cellar and Barcelona Highlights. We decided to go on this because on a previous trip we spent 3 days in Barcelona and never saw Sagrada Famiglia. The wine cellar was a real experiance. Beautiful.

6. Cannes. Monaco & Monte Carlo tour. Don't miss this. our friends went to Montacassina,spelling is probably all wrong, but they enjoyed it very much.

7. Livorno. Florence & Pisa Tour. Something to see.

A few final words. If your not in shape, get in shape. If you think this might be the only time you'll be going to Italy,DO IT. Spend the money. You won't regret it. Then again if you can afford, by all means, go back. We are. Have a great time.
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