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Default Re: Carnival sea miles credit card

My wife just sined up for the card about a month and a half ago. Its not a bad deal and it's not 50,000 points for a $500.00 discount it's only 10,000. (Not trying to sound like a jerk Happy Camper) Then again if you read the awards page it says, up to $500.00 and then of course it refers to section two of the fine print. One thing to be aware of , and this was my fault, read the fine print if you chose to do a balance transfer, which we failed to realize until we did the acutual transaction. Oh, well!!! Also if you still have points on your capital one card, any points erand up to May 31st will be transfer over at the end of June. At least that is what they told me. Just go to Carnivals website and do a serch for Sea Miles. Once your there, towards teh page you can click on awards. This will take you to a PDF file which shows what you get. I hope this helps.

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