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Originally Posted by JoeysBarAndGrill
So you're saying I could escape this LA traffic and still play music? Sign me up.

Actually I've been offered a few cruise gigs, but alas, as a single dad to a cute 7th grader, she likes it when I do local gigs. As in "are you on your way home, Mr. Rockstar? I've got math you need to help me with."

But I might bring her along with me this summer on Elation. Of course, we'll skip the piano bar...

~ Joey
First of all, please allow me to tell you how proud I am to hear a Dad that puts his child first. So many parents today just don't do that. She is blessed to have you as a Dad!!

Secondly, I am glad you got the chance to "goof off" as you put it.
Michael Smith is another piano player currently on the Elation out of California that is good about sharing the piano. We had one of Jimmy Buffets' guitar players on our Miracle cruise and he allowed him to jump in any ole time he wanted to. (Michael does piano and guitar in the piano bar...which is a nice change).

Most of the piano bar guys have allowed me to sing. But I actually prefer to sing harmony,so I would MUCH rather sing with them...than just to solo stuff. I am the only person I know that if the "re-do" fairy popped up and said you can have a career in music as a solo artist or back up...I would choose back up any day!!!! I know, I am weird!!

Happy Cruising!!

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