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Originally Posted by jacdenv24
This also occured to me...why not have passengers request "smoking or non-smoking" like they do in hotels? Then, put the smokers on the port side (or maybe it's starboard?) where there are already designated smoking areas outside. What a brilliant idea Then all the non-smokers,including myself, can enjoy their balconies.
Actually I believe many years ago NCL attempted smoking and non-smoking cabins but it was short lived. Problem is once you designate one side or deck you limit your ability as a manager to effectively book space. Easier with hotels because there is far less difference between room amenity and design than there is on ships. One cruise you might have need for 5 smoking Penthouse cabins but only 3 on smoking side, etc.

Better the way they are doing it, make cabin and balconies non-smoking entirely or leave it way it was. This way as a smoker I know not to book a Celebrity ship, I will leave those to the non smokers. I just returned from sailing RCL Mariners of Seas ( my review is on cruisemates ) and although it was a great cruise it was my last with RCL. Had two reasons, one a customer service decision on thier part I did not like, the other due to them making cabins non-smoking. On Mariner you can smoke on balcony and this was fine with me but since RCL is parent of Celebrity ( once my favorite ) and since they elected to ban smoking from cabin on RCL product as well I am voting with my dollar. No animousity, they wish to restrict smokers thier business thier right. I wish to sail lines with less restrictions my right, all is well with the world.

So we should all be happy. The line itself could care less, will be a dollar issue like everything else. If they find sales down due to smoking policies they will change back. If not they will continue. I do believe they will feel effect. As in my case, we sail with several couples often, some smoke some do not ( my wife does not ). However when you are booking 5 cabins smokers will not sail a non-smoking or overly restricted ship. Hence the entire group, non smokers included will not sail a restricted line. This is what happened to carnival Paradise in part. GROUP sales were down considerably. In meantime non-smokers did not make up the difference because they wanted to sail more than just one ship. Will it be the same when a whole line observes tighter controls on smoking? Who knows, didn't work for Regency I think it was. Three non-smoking ships, out of business I imagine for more reasons than smoking but non-smokers didn't flock to the line in droves to keep them afloat either.

Each to thier own, many ships out there.
George in NY
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