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Default More of a queston about rising prices than a gripe

More of a cruise question than a cruise gripe.

Today one airline indicated it would charge for each bag checked in. Some say the price of airline tickets are going to keep on going up right along with the cost of jet fuel.

Assuming airfare becomes more expensive, I was wondering about the following

Are there passengers that won't go on a cruise, or will cut back on their cruising as a result of expensive airfare?

Are any of you rethinking your cruise plans, or cutting out cruises because of increasing airfare?

What is the cutoff point -- when the airfare alone is as much as the cruise, is more costly than a basic cruise, or does it matter to most of the cruising public at all?

What are the cruise lines going to do if anything to offset a potential decline in passengers? Has anyone heard anything? What types of things do you all suggest the cruise lines can do if the airfares increase in the future?
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