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If one reads the many reports, you will see that many people have tried this. Its silly, and stupid, but some one doing something like this does not mean the person is a risk to society in general. We all do things at one time or another in our life that we cringe at the thought of and think "Oh I wish I had not done that". To many differant degrees, but we are all guilty of this. From all accounts this is a responsable women who did alot of good in her life, I am sorry, I simply cannot be pleased that she is removed from the gene pool or that she is gone now to prevent hurting some one else in the future. That makes no sense to me, some of the most helpful, giving respected persons in the world have made some really dumb decisions/ mistakes in their life, doesnt mean we are better off with out them. That is also better left to people who actually knew her, to say whether or not the world is a better place with out the person in question, not us on a board who know nothing of her real life.
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