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Hi All my shipmates,

In response to 'Gooner's' request for an uo
pdate - I thought you would all
like to know about our journeys since I last posted.

Ron, Coral and myself sailed on QM2 to New York last August in the Princess Grill which was wonderful - As a result of this trip we are now platinum members of the Cunard Family, I understand from Roma and Yoyo that there are only 2 million of us - so we feel quite priviledged. The trip was a special treat for Coral who has just passed her finals with honours in Aromatherapy - although Ron says it hasn't help with her own hygiene - he is only joking (I think), Coral has had several companions since I last wrote but so far they have come to nothing so she is still actively looking. I have told her to get herself a nice career and a man will follow (well it keeps her happy)

Ron was rather taken with some of the excellent Art that was on sale during the crossing and threw caution to the wind and bought a picture by a Russian artist who I never heard of but the Cunard Rep said he was really famous. it was rather nice and Ron doesn't often treat himself - I think the last thing I can remember him buying was Sailor by Petula Clark. How apt. I think winning the quiz in the Golden Lion went to his head (I actually think he may have cheated
but he assures me he did not - how he knew who the Sister in Law of Hillary Clinton is I will never know - althought he has always been a man of mystery to me.

We met some new friends during this crossing Zara, Tom, Kris, Ali, Annie and Izzy, we have since met up with them and shared our memories with the help of the ships DVD and our family photographs - Tom is such a nice person (I think Coral was rather taken with him and spent most of the trip looking at the picture she took of him on her mobile phone - she has now had it enlarged and it is prominent on her bedroom wall)

We have also had a reunion with some friends from previous trips where we went to see a West End show and had a meal - Fried Eggs came along with his new girl friend (Harriet) and they have promised to come on our next trip with us.

Must go because Rons at the door and I have not put his Chicken Nuggets is the oven.

Lots of Love

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