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Default Re: Oasis of the Seas, Allure of the Seas

Originally Posted by Paul Motter
How do you like the new names?

By the way, it will be called the "Oasis-class" from now on... No more "Genesis-class"

My one recommendation was that they should have made it a truly unique class by dropping the "of the seas" part of their naming convention.

I think the simple name "Genesis" would have the perfect name for the ship. But just one guy's opinion.
I was hoping it would be the Genesis Class/Family. Heck, no biggie renaming it from Project Genesis to Genesis Family.
My submissions were Genesis of the Seas and Creation of the Seas. But I agree, a simple Genesis and Creation would have done it.

My question is though if RCI stays with its naming of the Families is the new class called the Oasis Family?

Oh well, I'll continue to cruise on ships not hotels though...
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