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Originally Posted by Kristina99
I am also sorry for your experience on Costa. I was just on this ship in the middle of March and it was wonderful! I agree with you on the staff...they were wonderful!! Were hoping that some will transfer to the Mediterannea next winter since that will be the only ship in the Caribbean.
We found that the food was delicious, especially the pasta and fish. We just must have different taste buds.
One of the main reasons i love Costa is the entertainment. Its different than any other cruise line ive been on. For example, the nightly themes and games (Mr Pizza, toga night, ect...). There is always a high percentage of Europeans on the Caribbean sailings since it is an Italian cruise line. Their goal is to attract Europeans (their prices are so low so that they can afford airfare to the US).
It seems to me that you went on your cruise with a bad attitude, almost expecting people to be rude and pushy, so of course you found them. I hope you have a more optomistic attitude if you go on another cruise. Or just go to an all-inclusive resort?
Kris, we both seem to see eye to eye on Costa. I love the line because it's different. I was on the Magica on March 18 - 25th, 2007, Eastern Caribbean, and there were many Europeans, Russians, Danes and others as well as a large number of Florida residents, and other Americans from other states.
I also loved their food, very delicious, and entertainment. Each night there was a different theme, Caribbean night, Italian Night, etc. The best was the Bacchanal Party on the last night of the cruise. We wore our Togas and had fun in the Theater.
Btw, Costa has made some changes, the Mediterranea will be in South America beginning this winter season, 2008/2009 with the Magica. The Fortuna will be the only ship in Ft Lauderdale this Caribbean season.

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