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Default Stay away from Sovereign of the Seas

I am not a cruise specialist, but my wife and I have been on 7 cruises. Three of those cruises were on Royal Carribean. Last year my family and another family decided to cruise together on Sovereign of the Seas for a Bahama Cruise. When we were intially deciding what cruise line and what itinerary to take, we narrowed it down to Royal Carribean and NCL (which we have also cruised with before). I would say that prior to this cruise I am going to tell you about, we had very nice experiences on all the cruise lines we sailed. This time one thing I found interesting was that when speaking to NCL, they offered a discount to us since we had cruised with them before. When I brought this up to Royal Carribean, the person I spoke to on the phone was a bit arrogant and told me that they do not offer discounts to repeat passengers because they are #1 and feel they do not need to offer any discounts. Now on to my complaint. We decided to go with Royal Carribean since the itinerary fit our timeframe for the type of trip we were interested in. Basically, we were quite disappointed with our cruise experience. It was pretty obvious that this ship was pretty old. All our bathrooms looked like they badly needed some repair work and they smelled (not overwhelmingly, but they had a bad odor to them for the whole cruise). Also, it appeared that this ship was under staffed. Lines were unusually long for food and drinks. Many times people left the lines because they got tired of waiting. I found this quite unusual for a cruise line and it did not match my previous experiences with Royal Carribean. We did mention more than once about the lines and our bathroom as nicely as we could as I really don't like to complain. Unfortunatley our comments were either not strong enough or just fell on deaf ears. After returning from our cruise, my wife felt quite upset about our experience with Royal Carribean, so much, that she sent an email to them detailing her unhappiness and the things that were wrong with our cruise (which were more than just the long lines and bad bathroom). I would say I was a bit amazed to to get what looked like some type of form email from Royal Carribean that basically expressed their sorrow for our unhappiness. I have not complained to a cruise line before (never had the need to) and was not really sure what to expect. I certainly didn't expect to get some extravagant rebate, but I guess I did expect more than this very weak "oh well, sorry about that" type of response. Needless to say, Royal Carribean has lost my family's future business and also the family who sailed with us, which really makes me a bit upset because we told them how great Royal Carribean was and got them to go on this cruise with us and they ended up with the same inferior experience we had. Good bye Royal Carribean and good luck.
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