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Thanks BECKYSOAP, your are at least living a reality and good for you 8) . You have a great time that YOU worked and saved up for in NY.

A lot of people as you know will just "charge it”, and to be honest I feel in the next 18 months a lot of us that are careful in credit will be picking up THEIR tab when they cant afford the plastic payments "as everything else has gone up", but the lender still has to make a profit.

Okay they get bust, as people their credit rating has gone, but we "normos" will pay for it in real money, as we will pay their price of budget failure in our loan interest, transaction charges etc to make up for them.

Not a great environment to book a cruise, if its payback is based on your credit card and “we will” worry about it later, especially if your income and normal expenditure does not meet your income.
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