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We returned from our cruise on the Sovereign on May 16th. Even though we had fun because we were together as a family, the ship was not very good. We had a grand suite but it was not very grand. There was banging and strange noises heard at all hours which made for little sleep. When asked what the noises were, we never got a straight answer. We had continual plumbing problems with the shower drain and the toilet. Imagine showering but standing in mid calf deep water because the drain wasn't working. We had this problem fixed a few times but ended up wetting ourselves, shutting the water, waiting for the water to drain, soaping/shampooing, turning the water on to rinse off. It was a nightmare. The toilet did end up getting fixed after three calls. As for a smell, it wasn't as bad as people stated in other reviews I read before we cruised.

The food was okay in the dining room and in the Windjammer. At the Windammer, some hot foods weren't very hot and the iced tea/lemonade machines were either broke or not working properly. The lines in the Windjammer were long but we were on a sold out cruise so it was understandable. Our dining room staff, however, were great.

If you go on deck after 9:00 am on your sea day, you could not find a deck chair. Not because people were actually sitting in them, but they were being saved with towels and personal items.

I will say though that cruise director Chris and his staff were wonderful. The show on the last night was terrific.

We had some "ship" issues, but made the best of it and enjoyed ourselves. Coco Cay is absolutely wonderful. The BBQ lunch was fantastic. Our stingray excursion in Nassau was alot of fun too.

As long as you go knowing that it is an older ship with problems, you should have fun.
Cheryl C.
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